Membership Policy

  1. The membership shall be limited to the companies stated in the current membership document. New members shall be admitted according to clause 6.
  2. Any member company may be represented by up to 2 delegates at each meeting.
  3. Members shall attend at least 1 meeting per year (In general, there shall be 2 meetings per year) Failure to attend for 2 consecutive meetings will normally result in membership of the group being revoked. Where special circumstances exist attendance may be extended, at the discretion of the current members, to 1 meeting in 3. This policy shall be invoked as of 1st May 2005.4. Members who are at risk of having their membership revoked shall be notified of this fact by the Chairman at least 3 months prior to the next meeting.
  4. A web based Users Forum will be set up to allow non-members to converse and exchange information regarding MilCAN with both members and non-members.
  5. New members will be elected only if a company membership has been revoked according to clause 3 or if a company chooses to cease their membership. New members will be by invitation from the current membership and will be based on one of the following:


  • A potential new member has been nominated and seconded by current members. The proposal to admit this new member has been voted on and passed by a majority at a MilCAN meeting.
  • A potential new member has been identified based on their participation on the Users Forum (see clause 5). A particularly active user may be invited to join the group. A proposal to admit this potential new member shall be voted on and passed by a majority at a MilCAN meeting prior to notification of the company that they are invited to join.
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